Various complex challenges (reservoir challenges, wellbore impairment and production bottlenecks) limit optimal hydrocarbon assets' performance. These challenges oftentimes defy conventional technologies. Hence the need for a new thinking!

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We partner with energy companies and operators to enhance production and maximize returns on their oil and gas assets. Our solutions are safe, cost-effective, sustainable and conform to international quality standards.

Our Services

Production Enhancement

We help clients increase their asset productivity, improve process and equipment uptime through our systematic asset review by deploying optimization techniques

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Cased-Hole Logging

Information is power. Boaz empowers its clients with valuable information to solve their reservoir and production challenges through our cutting-edge technologies

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Asset Evaluation & Reservoir Management

We provide our clients with solutions to reservoir and production challenges throughout the field life using our multidisciplinary approach

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Produced Water Management

As the fields get matured, oil production declines, water cut increases coupled with the challenge of handling the produced water. Produced water is believed to be a major disposal issue with associated costs

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Surface Production Process Optimization

Boaz, in partnership with Jorin UK, offers process optimization services to its clients using the Process Imaging unique imaging technology

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AI-powered Geo-engineering Solutions

With a forward thinking approach, Boaz provides deep insight for better appraisals of exploration and production assets from exploration stage through the production systems up to the export terminal.

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Our Company

BOAZ Integrated Energy provides technology-enabled solutions to production and reservoir management challenges for the oil and gas industry. We help asset owners and operators to enhance production and maximize returns on their investments through safe, quality, cost-effective and sustainable solutions.


To be a major solution-hub for maximizing energy assets in Sub-Saharan Africa.


To create value and unearth possibilities for our clients by providing innovative solutions and unique optimizations in reservoir management, production enhancement and process optimization.

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